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We Provide Quality Fine Art Services

Restoring a special photo, drawing, or painting would make a great holiday gift for your family or friends. You can give them art pieces that can help reconnect them with their past and reminisce old memories.

At International Center for Artistic Development, we offer fast and reliable fine art services. Bring in your old or damaged photos and get a free estimate.

Price List

  • Scanning or Taking a Photograph of Your Picture: $100
  • Print, 5x7: $10 each
  • Print, 8x10: $20 each
  • Prints Up to 16x20: $50 each
  • Photo Touch-Up and Restoration Price per Hour: $150 (Plus Materials)
  • Color Hand Touching Price per Hour: $150
  • CD With Image File: $5

Click and drag the arrow to the left or right to see full before & after image.

before restoration after restoration
Before After
before restoration after restoration


We use archival conservation materials to ensure that your fine art is successfully repaired. After restoration, we also do matting and framing. You can check our wide selection of frames and mat samples to find the material that best suits your taste.

Once the whole process is done, we can also install the art work into your home with our professional fine art and mirror hanging services. We are confident you will be more than pleased with the results of our work.

Contact Us

If you need help in restoring, framing, or hanging your artworks, feel free to get in touch with us. With our artists’ expert craftsmanship, your fine art will be in good hands.